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Hello and first things first, my first name is Jessica to the Department of Motor Vehicles but to everyone else it is Jess or Jesse.  I am an artist working mostly in watercolors and I currently do a lot of nursery and children’s room art.  That is probably because my favorite subjects are forest animals, anything adorable, classic literature quotes, and lyrics.  I don’t have any children myself but I do have 3 nieces that are the most perfect beings I have ever known.  They have taken my heart right out of my chest, I know that is cliché to say but my nieces really are special…I just know it.  I have a background in biology and use some of my science geekery in my current work with polystyrene accessories which is paying the bills right now so I am very happy with my “in progress” Etsy shop.    At the moment I am mostly selling jewelry and accessories but by the end of the year I hope to have some of art print sets available for sale online.   

I aspire to open my own studio someday or get hired by Disney as a conceptual artist.  I actually have some really great ideas for a home décor line that would be perfect for the parks and I would LOVE to show you but the only thing that scares me more than the California sun (SPF 80 for me) are Disney’s intellectual property attorneys so I will not be previewing that line for anybody but my momma.  But it is very real so cross your fingers that dreams really do come true. 

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