Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I need sleep....any advice?

Arghhhh from being sick so much this year my sleep schedual is backwards and I cant seem to get back on track.  I'm up most the night and so I walk through my day in zombie mode.  It is reallly starting to take a toll on my brain.   Anyone have an advice for me?  That doesn't involve sleeping pills? Tylenol PM just makes me feel sort of drunk or something and it doesnt put me to sleep. 

But on the bright side I was browsing through Etsy tonight and I found this bag by Move Fast, Stay Still.  The quote  printed on the tote is from the poem "This is Just To Say" by William Carlos Williams and it is one
of my favorite poems. I can't even explain to you why I like this poem so much but I just do.  I know it is quite famous but as far as famous poems goes, this is as quirky as it gets.

I am pretty sure that I even posted this poem on my blog here several months ago....hmmm if I didn't actually post it, at least I know I thought about it!  :)


  1. So funny that you post about this today! I've been having sleep problems lately, most likely do to massive diet and exercise changes and I read that passion flower can really help calm you and help you sleep. I took 1 last night (I was able to find it at the Vitamin Shoppe-it comes in capsules or liquid drops) and it helped so much!!!! I'm going to try two tonight! It's all natural and from what I've read, totally safe!!! Apparently Melatonin is another good choice and stronger than passion flower! Hope that helps! Xo Lori

  2. The lavender scent is great for helping someone go to sleep, you might also try a tea with chamomile. Milk is also good for helping people go to sleep. Hope this helps..

  3. I've had insomnia for over 2 years now. It's awful. I take melatonin. I tried chamomile tea, but it made me go to the bathroom all night. So that defeated its purpose. Let me know if you find alternatives.

  4. I have huge sleep problems girl. I have to take a sleep study but anyways I take ambient, but if you want something natural I would try dream sleep, you can get it from Walmart. It has melatonin in it and has mo calories and its liquid, like small bottle like the 5 hour energy. But you can try benadryl too.


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