Thursday, December 29, 2011

January Giveaway!~

I swear I will be keeping up with my blog in 2012 and to kick things off, I am giving away a $20 gift card to my Etsy shop!  All you have to do is comment on this post with your email address and you will be entered to win!  I will choose a winner by putting the names in a bag, and having my niece pull a name out!  Good luck everyone!  The drawing will be held on the January 31st and the winner will be emailed that day!

Here are some of my new listings!~

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Has it been that long?

Goodness, I have not posted anything in a very long time, I have been SO busy with school, family, work, etsy, and being an owl that I have let my blog go. I have made so many new things in the last few months that I don't even know how to play catch up!  I suppose the most exciting thing would be that I have been working with an amazing metalsmith to create some super cute silver jewelry, I have just a few items up in my store but we have many designs that are being worked on now, it is all very exciting.  I love working on Etsy :)

Here are some of my favorite new items! Lots of Beatles items!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pointy Paws Animal Rescue Shelter, Please Read.

I am a complete sucker for anything that is furry and has a face; it is that simple and I am working on ways to help shelter cats and dogs.  I  have made some very special rose pendant necklaces that you can find and purchase through my Etsy site.  They are each one of a kind and are hand inked and painted with a delicate watercolor wash.  And these items really are different from anything else I have in my store at the moment because 100% of the proceeds from these sales will be donated to Pointy Paws.  Pointy Paws is an animal rescue shelter for stray, abandoned, and otherwise forgotten about animals. It was a bit of a fluke for me to have found them in the first place but as soon as I learned of the organization myself and after reading about what they do for these animals, I wanted to do something and with that I contacted the people of Pointy Paws and let them know that they had my support. So here are my first few items I have listed:

The link to my Etsy store is:

100% of everything that is paid to me for these items will go directly to Pointy Paws.  I am lucky to be a student and working artist at the same time and I know that I cannot give everything I wish I could but I will do anything I can here.  I know that most households are stretched beyond their own means but the need to help is equally as stretched and I’m asking for your help and support so that I can pass along that support to Pointy Paws.  As I am listing a few items myself each week, I will continue to post special items just for Pointy Paws.

As with all my jewelry, each piece is one of a kind and made to be of the highest quality.  If you have any questions or would like a custom “Pointy Paws” rose necklace, you know you can  always find me at:

I intend on pricing these listings to be as affordable as possible.  As I expand my own Etsy store, I will be including special items that are listed and created specifically for Pointy Paws, they will include block print stationary as well as an extended variety of jewelry pieces.  The first few necklaces here are listed at a price of $12.00 each.  If you would like one of these necklaces and would like to help Pointy Paws but cannot afford the $12.00 yourself, just let me know what you can afford and I will make up the difference myself.  I will do this because I know that so many people want to help but only have so much because they are struggling themselves and for anyone that is willing to donate what is comfortable for them to Pointy Paws, I will not turn you away and I will send you your rose pendant with deep gratitude.  And I do mean this very seriously, anyone who looks at this post and thinks that they would buy one if only they had an extra $12.00, just contact me and we will work it out so that Pointy Paws receives whatever donation you have to offer and that you in return get a special piece of artisan jewelry.  Thank you so much!

*Also Pointy Paws has their own Etsy store to support their shelter, please visit their store too!  They have such a variety of items for sale and it is clear that each piece is made by a true artisan, take a look, you will be impressed!*

Here are some of the animals my friends at Pointy Paws have taken in!

Thank You Again!  Your support means so much!

Friday, September 30, 2011

it comes naturally...greens and birds

Take a look at some of my nature inspired items! I had hoped to post them earlier but my computer seems to be a bit off at the moment and it only works half the time.  Perhaps my first virus?  I am unsure about a virus but I am sure that I love the bird earrings and how they match but are not the same!  Interesting thought....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Years & Years and Days & Days, Here it is...!

After so much hard work, here it is for you!  Watercolors expressed clearly as watercolors, but away from the limits of paper!  I am more proud of this now than I am of anything so far.  I aspired to take watercolors and make them is my go at that.  In honor of John Lennon's birthday and because sometimes Shakespeare just is not enough...Here are some of my favorite Beatles lyrics made wearable and dressed upon a watercolor background.  Oh and Thanks Mom :)