Monday, February 6, 2012

Daily Etsy Picks From Christina's Favorites!

My daily Etsy picks for today are dedicated to my friend Christina who is amazing!  She has excellent taste and after browsing her favorites, I think I favorited half of them myself.  Christina is also a great artist and beader, she will be opening her own Etsy shop very soon.  I actually am working on a blog at the moment that features some of her work, so expect that very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy all of these lovely Etsy picks, picked out by Christina and then me and next probably you. :)
Want me to browse your favorites list and blog about yours?  Just let me know <3


  1. Thanks for featuring my picture Jesse...

  2. Feel free to browse my favorites :)

    1. I will do it this week! Could you send me your email address?

  3. You are so sweet. My favorites list is huge. I live everything.


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