Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beatles Necklaces & A Bob Dylan

I have a 2 day sale going on for my Beatles necklaces, I also have a rouge Bob Dylan pendant in the mix.  Anyways this is a "2 in 1" sale, which means you get 2 necklace options when you buy any 1 necklace.  Just buy one of my Beatles necklaces and you will get an extra pendant (includes matching embellishments) that can be used on the same chain as the first one!  They will be put on jump rings that match whatever metal your first necklace is in.   Here are some of the pendants that you can choose from.  These are just those that are ready made, you can also pick any other of my watercolor pendants that you find on my Etsy store that are made to order.   Just let me know what you want for your extra pendant :)

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