Monday, January 16, 2012

Get It Together! (My New Year's Resolution)

My New Year’s Resolution was not to hit to gym more often or quit drinking soda; instead what I really need is to get organized.  I have my art stuff all over the place and I really need to start up a system that is not only easy to look at but is also easy to use.  I had a set up that worked for me before Etsy but now that I am working on a business and I have a studio to set up, I need to get it together.  I was browsing through Etsy this weekend and these are my favorite finds for  organizing your life.    
A desktop organizer from one of the best Etsy vintage shops around.

A "zen" pencil/jewelry desktop organizer from Ireland.

Beautiful clipboard for writing down all your daily plans!  Can you believe this is handmade? And only $14?

Hang it up for $2.80 a set.  From one of my favorite Etsy sellers! (where I get all my beautiful earring tags)

This is what I meant about easy to use and easy to *look* at.

I do love my fellow Michigan sellers <3

All the way from down under, these fabric organizers are pretty and useful.

Lovely color on this large storage bin.

I can see my paintbrushes in this.  And they are happy.

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