Monday, January 9, 2012

Strange Love.

I love browsing Etsy and finding new artists.  As an artist myself, I often see something that I like and wonder where on earth the artist got the idea for a particular piece.  This actually strikes me because my own method is a simple one and what I create would be considered normal subjects like animals, words, flowers, and other things that I have seen before in my life.  I see a squirrel and I paint a squirrel.  I hear a line is a song I like and I put it on something.  If I am creating an abstract piece, I use the color theory principles that have been taught to me.  Most everything can be traced back to the first source and the road from point A to B is rarely a complicated one.   And that is why I am taken back time and again with other artists that create such original art that isn’t comparable to anything in real life.  It is curious thing for me and while cruising with this in mind, I thought I would share with you some artists I love that have something that makes me ask…Where on earth did you come up with that? Enjoy :)

A family picture. Heartwarming in a very relatable way, perhaps that is what makes it more strange.

The colors imply to me that this would be a friendly being, but the teeth tell me something else.  How would you approach?

Romantic and scary.

Cute and odd, but cute comes first.

I would like to know what this cat is thinking.


  1. Thanks for including my collage in this great post! Many of the ideas for my pieces come from strange dreams I've had.


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