Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Very Important Blogpost (Again)

This is actually a message I am reposting, well the one at the bottom of this message is being reposted.  I am reposting it because of how important it is to me and I want to expand on what I am doing.  I know that my $100 gift card giveaway focused on WW2 vets, and the reason for this is my own personal upbringing because my grandfather, a WW2 vet, but I really want to expand this contest to recognize everyone who has served America in the armed forces.
I am opening this up and I am having a second drawing for all of those that do anything to help out our vets.  Just let me know about it because I have a second drawing for ANOTHER $100 gift card to Jesse Anne Designs. 

The same rules all around and the contest runs until the first of April.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe in it with all my heart and I realize I would be nothing without those who serve this country.  I only wish I could do more.

with all that I am,
"Thank A Hero" $100 Gift Card Giveaway
It isn’t batman.  It isn’t superman.  It is our Veterans that are true heroes.   When I think of the circumstances of WWII, my head literally wants to explode because this world was a complete mess and these people actually saved the world.  And that is why it is so important to me that we do everything we can to thank these real life heros.
 I know that most everyone is struggling in these times with a broken economy and rising health care prices but these veterans are living in the same circumstances and are aging into their late 80s and early 90s and I think it is important to do what you can.   I do whatever I can, whenever I can and today I am asking for your help too.  If there is anything that you can do to support your local veterans homes, please do it and I want you to tell me about it because any donation that you make whether it be money, canned goods, clothing or your time is important to me.  Anyone who does something to support their local veteran’s home now through April 1st will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card to Jesse Anne Designs.  The first 30 people who enter the contest will get something no matter what.  A winner will be chosen on April 2nd through and will be notified the same day.   This contest is open to everyone, not just my blog readers but I will use my blog to keep you all updated on who is entered and what they did to get in the contest.  Please snap pictures if you can, even if it is just of some cans of carrots you are bringing over to your local veterans home, it would be great because I will add them to my blog, I do have nearly enough carrot pictures anyways.  Thanks so much, I love forward to hearing from you!

Contact me anytime at:

With all that I am,

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