Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sag Awards 2012

This is my personal "Best Dressed" list for this years Sag Awards.  I am trying to catch up and see as many films as I can before The Oscars but my time is limited at the moment...feel free to make your suggestions on what to watch :)

I'm not that great with the whole "celebrity" thing so I always have to double check my names but I have taken a liking to awards shows over the last couple years because of the fashion.  So many of these dresses are truly pieces of art and I'm taken back by it at.

And *SORRY* I have not blogged in so long or gotten back to anyone here on blogger, via email, or through Etsy.  I have been very sick. I miss you all and I have been just scratching at myself to get back on the computer...though the scratching has nothing to with my illness and isn't literal any way, but you know what I mean.  I will probably blog about it later and post pictures, some I will have to do with separate links for those of you that don't care for blood.

But for now, let us take a look at my countdown of Sag Award's dresses that make my heart happy.

#5 Lea Michele in Versace.  All little too sexy for me but this color is divine on her!

#4 Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein.  This color truly "pops" on the red carpet and I love the classic Hollywood hair style.  Well done Jess!

#3 Michelle Williams in Valentino.  Just a very sweet look all around, red on the red carpet is risky business,
but Michelle pulls it off.

#2 Emily Blunt in Oscar de la Renta.  The bold color is the perfect shade for her skin tone, I love this!

#1 Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen.  I would sell my left arm for this dress and I'm left handed.  How adorable is Emma Stone? <3

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