Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fine art photography by Irene Suchocki. Eye Poetry Photography Italy

One of my favorite Etsy photographer's is Irene Suchocki.  Her shop is called Eye Poetry Photography.
I choose to share with you some of Irene's travel photography of Italy.  Here is a little bit about Irene as well as some links for you to explore.

"In my photography I combine my love of travel and place with a dream-like aesthetic to create visual poems that evoke a sense of magic, delight, nostalgia and romance. I love to photograph iconic places such as Paris, New York, and Venice in a way that gives the sense of having tumbled through a secret doorway into a previously unseen world. When I am not traveling, I turn to nature for inspiration and for subject matter, with a particular fondness for trees and coastal landscapes."

Eye Poetry Photography on Etsy:

Eye Poetry Photography on Etsy:
*Special Thanks to Eye Poetry!*

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  1. These photos are so beautiful! It makes me want to just wander around and look at the world.


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