Monday, March 12, 2012

Owl Creek Ceramics on Etsy

You had me at Owl...

Hello & Happy Monday!  I have got some really unique pieces to show you from a ceramics shop on Etsy.  The name of this awesome shop is Owl Creek Ceramics.  Below are some of my favorite pieces along with some links for you to check out.  Special thanks to Dyna & John for letting me feature their shop :)

Owl Creek Ceramics on Etsy:

Owl Creek Ceramics on the web:

The also have a vintage & supply shop:

"When we started Owl Creek Ceramics we were both working full time in education and John was traveling a lot. We didn’t have that much free time, but we made a goal to spend at least a few minutes every day on our business. If we couldn’t actually work in the clay, then just thinking about it would count. It turned out to be a powerful goal and now we’re so immersed in it, it’s more of a lifestyle than a business.
Six years ago, we made a huge addition to our little studio and it’s our dream come true. It’s over 4,000 square feet! It’s right across the driveway from our house. We have a gallery area with shelves, a big beautiful check out /wrapping table that John made, and my giant decorating table that John also made and it’s on wheels. I look out onto one of our ponds and also see the rolling hills in the background. It’s a lovely view and it inspires both of us. We have open houses several times a year. It’s really more like a big get together where customers run into old buddies and meet new friends. We always have food and the studio looks its best. At Christmas, we bring in several trees and we have lots of poinsettias all over the place. I start decorating in the summer for Christmas and I love it.

I do all the decorating and have a blast thinking of new ideas and patterns. Hope you enjoy.

Also please visit our website –

Thanks, Dyna"



  1. My fav is the See You Later vase! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful pieces - I love all the bright colours in their work!


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