Sunday, March 25, 2012

Save Money On Etsy Packing Supplies...(Thanks Mom For the Idea...)

Hi!  I was chatting with my mom a while back about ways to package my Etsy items without spending too much, while still keeping it cute.  She came up with the idea to use paper lunch bags and make them pretty.  You can get about 100 bags for $1 in most places, which costs much less per unit compared to organza bags or boxes. 

All you need besides the paper bags is a pair of pinking shears and a sticker.   The first thing step is to figure out how big you want your bag and cut at that point, fold over and seal with a sticker.  How easy is that?  Paper lunch bags also take well to rubber stamps :)  Hope you all enjoy!

I really do have the best Mom ever :)

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