Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fine Art Photograpy by SeentoScene

Fine Art Photography of New York City by Seentoscene


 Seentoscene is Noha Mishriky, a New Yorker who has a passion for photography.

“My mission is to capture a part of something ordinary in an extraordinary city and use it to create a singular vision using color, light and icons that impact the visual and emotional senses of the viewer.”
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A New York Story ---

"On Broadway in Manhattan one quiet Sunday morning, an older man and I crossed paths. I was taking a photo of a diner window when he stopped to ask me why. Why would I be taking photos of things so ordinary ... so everyday instead of the great historic monuments around The City?
As I tried to humor the man while simultaneously resuming my photography, I smiled to myself. I have lived in Manhattan for over twenty years. In my experience, there is little that is "everyday" in New York City. Things change minute to minute ... transportation routes get switched around, buildings get leveled to be built anew, and so on.
So as I photograph what seems ordinary at the moment, I realize the familiar icons of the present may be the relics of tomorrow.
Thank you so much old man for stopping to chat."

Special Thanks to Noha for allowing me to share these photos with you!

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