Friday, March 2, 2012

Some Old Disney World Photography...

Photos I took at Walt Disney World: Old or New?

I admit that many of these photos may not be  that old but they are for me, they are all pictures from long lost files.  I love photography and I love taking pictures at Disney World.   As cheesy as it may sound...Disney inspires me and here are a few shots from my WDW portfolio.  

Main Street USA

Magic Kingdom Above

Port Orleans Riverside (or Dixie Landing if you must)

Port Orleans Midnight Fountains

A River.

I loved him...okay maybe not?

Scary & Funny...but mostly odd.

I need a vacation.....what about you?


  1. im going to disneyworld!!!!! :D

  2. Elisha, when is your trip? I am **hopefully** working on one now... :)


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