Saturday, March 31, 2012

Putting My Cards On The Table

Writing the opening sentence to this post is confusing me a bit as I have 2 things that I want to begin with that will look like contradicting ideas but just bear in mind that both things are true.

Statement 1: I will not be launching my Spring/Summer 2012 Jewelry line.

Statement 2:  I have an entire Spring/Summer 2012+ Jewelry line in stock.

I have been talking about my first official “Color Theory Line” and obsessing over it for so long now and I have spent months in preparation for this sale season but I am not crossing my Ts and there will be no debut.   The creating is over for now done and it is incomplete.   The reality is that I do not have the time to launch a successful collection this season while at the same time running successful online auctions for Honor Flight.  It is actually quite amazing how easy it has been for me to make the decision to abandon the last six months of my work (of my life) considering how much of myself I put into it.  The difficult part about “forfeiting” the sale season was not a hard choice to make for financial reasons but putting my blood, sweat, and tears into this season to abandon it where it will remain forever unfinished is something.   I still love the line I was creating and believe in its uniqueness and what I was trying to accomplish with it but at the end of the day it feels completely insignificant compared to what I am working on with Honor Flight.  
So that covers “Statement  1” of this post while offering a much simplified explanation as to why there will be no Spring/Summer 2012 Line.

Let us move onto “Statement 2:…”

So I have got 6 months worth of items that I have been working on and I'm scratching my head as what on earth to do with all the jewelry/accessories I have in stock that I no longer have the proper time to sell.  It is the Chernobyl of Jewelry Design and has been abruptly abandoned.   What I am looking at is a lot of great pieces but without any clear direction with what exactly to do with it.  I attached myself to it in a way that it hard to know even understand myself as it is now.
With the line I actually created 5 separate lines but they were created to cross each other.  Color Theory is my great passion and my vision was to create a line that would give people a chance to decide for themselves what colors were “in” for the season and make those colors pop in their own way using basic and advanced color theory principles.  The idea was that all the pieces could cross over and mix harmoniously with pieces from other categories in the line but in a way that gave the buyer the option to go right or left.   The 5 categories included metalwork, water color pieces, cabochon accessories, resin cuffs, and cluster necklaces.  Although the finalized working version of the collection has been shelved, I still have a ton of jewelry and accessories that have been made in preparation for the season.  

So what I am doing is having an Estate Sale in a way, and will be adding a new category to my pages on my blog.  I am going to sell items properly on Etsy when my schedule allows me to do so but I am still going to try and make sales in other ways if I can.  I will post pictures randomly in the "Estate Sale Table" and greatly reduced rates and if you see something you are interested in, just email me and I will set up an Etsy listing for the item/items.  As with an actual Estate Sale, feel free to make an offer.  I have an absurd amount in stock right now and I still need to try to sell it in some way.  In an attempt to maintain some integrity with the color theory work I already did, the first items listed are put together is small groups. 

It really is like an estate sale but no one died, just my Spring/Summer 2012 line.  And I’m okay with that because at the end of the day I am living a life I believe in plus I’m enjoying being a lowly blogger and I like ramen noodles.

* I know some of the resin cuffs are already posted in my shop but I just released some early along with some cluster necklaces as well.


  1. I would never be able to just leave a collection where it is and just not post it.. I do adore your bracelets though. They are perfection.

  2. Wow. The pieces are beautiful. I think it's great that you are able to see when it's time to walk away from something. It's really hard to do and most people can't see that. They suffer in the end. I hope your non-line does well!


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